Health & Safety

The protection of our people remains our paramount concern. Employees on the front line often face risks to their health and wellbeing which we are constantly seeking to reduce, remove or regulate.

Setting high standards for health and safety helps us demonstrate our commitment to our employees to safeguard their wellbeing and in turn encourage them to do the same. Although the diversity of our services and the geography of our businesses present some particular health and safety challenges, we still require the same compliance with minimum health and safety standards in all countries as we believe these are the basis for good health and safety practices. The standards include having appropriate policies, resources, accurate and timely reporting and follow up of any incidents to prevent recurrence.

Taking care of our staff and ensuring their safety is also a key – we have a responsibility not just to them, but to their wider families to ensure they can work in a safe and secure environment. Sadly, in our business, our employees can be subject to attack by criminals, but we make sure we do everything we can to keep them safe and to protect them from harm both within S&S premises and when they are representing the company elsewhere.

Of course, whilst these are the most material CSR issues for the company, our CSR strategy is far more wide-ranging and incorporates a range of topics including supporting workforce diversity and supporting a range of different community projects and charities.

S&S has a long history of supporting good causes and have since the establishment of the company in 1992, supported a range of projects and charities.