About S&S

Established in 1992as per the Commercial Code of Ethiopia, Sebhatu & Sons Property

Administration and Security Services Private Limited Company (S&S) is Ethiopia’s leading security provider with a Level One Security and Quality Assurance Certificate from the Federal Policeof the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

21 years after the commencement of these pioneering engagements requiring high-end professionalism & conduct in a sector new to the nation, S&S has indeed come a long way.

S&S delivers excellent security solutions to range of clients, of which the majority is located amongst diplomatic missions, international institutions, Fortune & Forbes 500 companies.

The number of permanent staff, which stood at 40 in 1992, has also shown a significant increase; it presently stands at a total of 2720. The progress achieved so far is not only expressed in the number of staff we have, but we also care to employ the best people, develop their competences, provide opportunities and inspire them to live up to our values.

An institutional setup facilitating all this, further reinforced by availing all required modern & up-to-date inputs to the extent possible, plus a corporate management providing visionary leadership at all levels, has also been the main factor in the successes registered. Indeed, all these factors put together, constitute the proven edge of competences enabling the company to execute the services requested by the organization ably - as it did for the last several years.

S&S is determined and able to meet the standards of the security industry today. As a leading security provider in the Ethiopia, we offer much more than deterrence, detection and efficient reporting capabilities. We believe in managing efficient systems which aim at completely relieving our clients of all security related problems. Our staffs are available around-the-clock (24/7) in case of emergencies.

Sebhatu and Sons Property Administration and Security Services Plc having such a professional track record, a current projected corporate business standing as well as financial feasibility that is strong and legally above reproach is represented by its General Manager - Mr. Endalkachew Sebhatu.