Human rights

This year we began a project to evaluate the human rights landscape in relation to the S&S businesses and to develop a policy and guidance for managers which set out clearly the company’s expectations of managers and employees in upholding human rights standards.

This S&S “Human Rights Policy” demonstrates our commitment to respect human rights and embodies our particular understanding of their significance for a leading security company of our scale and diversity. It recognizes that we sometimes work in complex environments and that the role that security plays in society means that we have to be aware of the potential challenges to human rights issues and to our ability to uphold the standards that we have set ourselves. It also sets our expectations for the conduct of our company, our employees and those with whom we do business.

We have developed our human rights policy which is based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (2011) which have achieved broad international consensus as a human rights baseline for all businesses.

In the last quarter of 2013, we will begin implementing an introduction course to our managers to make sure that they are aware of the key human rights issues and their responsibility for upholding the S&S standards. In 2014, the introduction course will be integrated as part our basic training course to our new employees and be integrated as part of our refreshment course to exiting employees.