We pride ourselves on our professionalism and a strong belief that we hire the best people for the job. Here at our career centre you will find information about the roles that we offer and information about the people who work for us.

The opportunities include the chance to work for our Operations department in some amazing places like embassies, United Nations, five star hotels, major international corporations to mention a few of our sectors. There is also a wide range of functional & support roles like finance, technology, administration & HR and IT & communications.

In our operations department where the majority of our staff is located, the roles vary from security guards & officers, to security drivers, to our executive protection officers, to operations assistants & officers and to dispatch assistants & officers.

As a business we recognize and value the differences that come from our backgrounds, beliefs, gender, age, and sexuality. We understand that the best ideas come from a diverse pool of knowledge and by opening our minds to that we create openness to change, innovation and respect within our people. Almost certainly, diversity means different things to different people. At S&S we strive to unite our people in the understanding and the belief that everyone’s contribution is valued.

We realize that to continue to be truly successful we must keep sight of what differentiates us from our competitors. We actively shape and build our company culture of adventure and optimism. Our values strongly underpin the way we behave and are at the heart of our culture and way of working.

Integrity and Ethics – We act with the highest social and ethical standards ensuring that we give sound advice.

Collaboration and Teamwork – Working as one firm, across multiple service lines and borders, we bring out the best in one another to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Commitment to People – We recognize that people are our most valuable asset, we are committed to ensuring people have the opportunity to develop and grow. 

Professionalism and Excellence – We adhere to the highest of professional standards, having the best people with exceptional skills providing a world class service.

The S&S Careers Centre ensures the most engaging and supportive candidate experience and enables S&S to draw upon an active database of the very best internal and external talents when filling its live vacancies.

As a result, the speed in which S&S can identify, recruit and deploy suitable candidates differentiates us from any of our local & regional competitors, a benefit which we of course pass on to our customers.

If you should need further information or wish to join S&S, please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.