There are many benefits of having an embedded CSR strategy and operating to high ethical standards. CSR helps to attract and retain staff, helps to win business in a competitive environment where we need to stand out from others, it helps to attract investment to support the growth of the company and, most of all, it helps to generate pride in the company from everyone connected to it. Ultimately CSR enables us to do better business.

Recognizing the nature of S&S business, our large workforce and our geographic diversity in Ethiopia, it is understandable that the materiality exercise highlighted business ethics (including anti-corruption),  human rights employee development and health and safety as priorities for the company, as these are the areas which would have the most material effect on business performance or reputation if they were not managed carefully.

As a service business, our organization is judged on its service delivery and the difference we can make to our clients – it is essential that employees understand their role in service delivery, are trained well, rewarded appropriately, have the right tools for the job and are motivated to deliver a quality service to our clients.